About Holiday Haven

Located in one of the thousand of tiny islands famed for its all year round sun, sand and sea, Holiday Haven is the perfect island escape for all type of vacationers. We offer an experiance of a lifetime that will leave anyone craving for more.


Mission: Our mission is to provide maximum customer satisfaction by catering to all your needs exceeding all expectation


Vission: Our vision is to further improve our services based on customer reviews and to be among the top guesthouses in Ukulhas


Foods can be arranged at the rooms, garden area or the restaurant


All rooms, lobby and kitchen are non-smoking areas


Beach beds and umbrellas can be arranged on any location of the beach for free


Free Wi-Fi will be available throughout the hotel


Our kitchen with all facilities will be available if required for free


24 hour Room Service will be available


All TV’s at the rooms and the lobby will be equipped with satellite channel for free


All rooms are equipped with Air Conditioner


Our premises will have 24-hour electricity (220 V)


Laundry service will be provided on request


Hot and Cold water (WHO standard drinking water) will be used throughout the hotel


Complimentary Karaoke will be available in our Lobby


The tourist beach and the harbor is a minute from the hotel


Transfer from or to any location can be arranged on request


Fire and safety equipment installed


All rooms will have a window for a better ventilation

About Ukulhas

Ukulhas is among one of the many islands in North Ari Atoll. This atoll is well known for its natural beauties such as the reefs, sand banks, uninhabited islands and dive points famous throughout the world, resulting to a lot of resorts throughout the atoll. It is an oval shaped, flat coral and sand cay island about 20 hectares (1-kilometer length) in size. Generally, like the rest of Maldives Ukulhas has a tropical climate with two monsoons. The South West (Hulhan’gu) and the North East (Iruvai) monsoon.

The island has a small friendly community of about 1000. The island has been inhabited for centuries. The ancient mosque “Kuda Miskiy” dating back to 16th century, which is preserved till today is proof of this. The dominant occupation of this community has been fishing for ages. Ukulhas won the National Fishing Competition in the year 1963,1964 and 1965 and owned the National Fishing Trophy. However recently agriculture and local tourism has also become a source of income for many. Even though the local language is Dhivehi, majority of the younger generation speak English fluently.

Ukulhas is famed as an environmental role model island throughout the country. Ukulhas implements huge cleaning programs, planting programs and several programs on waste management. As a result, Ukulhas was awarded the “Green Leaf National Award” by the Maldivian government in 2014. All the waste produced in the island is systematically managed. Recycling is given high priority and as a result fertilizers made from organic waste which is now being sold to resorts. Every January 1st is celebrated as “Clean Ukulhas” day and a grand cleaning program takes place where people from all age groups participate in this event to clean the island thoroughly including the surrounding lagoon. Later a feast is held for everyone as an end to the event. Due to these environment friendly approaches of the island, its beaches and lagoons are cleaner than most of the other islands.

The island recently established a hydroponics farming system where vegetables like melon, cucumbers and several types of salad leaves are grown in the island and is available to purchase freshly. Mainly this establishment is run by women in an effort to empower women. A modern water plant has also been set up in Ukulhas which provides WHO approved drinking water to all households for everyday use. All energy related purposes are fulfilled by the supply of 24-hour electricity (220V) throughout the island.

In addition, the island has a health center and a pharmacy which is available 24 hours. The education system in Ukulhas consists of a pre-School and a Higher Secondary School. Seven local shops, one local café, four continental restaurants and a Thai restaurant is also located throughout the island. As the community of the island is very peaceful, there is no separate police station, however a police desk is established in the island council office for any assistance.

Ukulhas celebrates all festive holidays grandly. Specially Eid Al-Fitr and Eid Al-Adha. The whole island organized celebrations that lasts three to five days. Traditional dances, music, cultural road parades, different competitions among islanders, and huge feasts are among the most notable activities. Other celebrations include the beginning of Ramadan, the ceremonious circumstancing of young boys of age and internationally celebrated days such as children’s day and teacher’s day.

Ukulhas 30 years ago